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Employee Travel Registration

Centennial College Travel Registry

Centennial College Travel Registry is a confidential and secure database for maintaining key travel information for all Centennial College affiliates conducting college-related international travel. The Travel Registry is the official and authoritative source of traveller information that forms the basis for the college’s emergency response protocols and communications strategy (e.g., alerts, warnings, evacuation notices) when responding to an emergency or critical incident abroad. College-related travel includes travel that is led by college faculty and staff; promoted by faculty, staff and units; funded by the college; or where credit or degree requirements are fulfilled. All faculty and staff members are required to register their college-related travel. 

If you are participating in a Global Experience program

If you are already working with the SaGE Team on a FLIP, GCELE or Faculty/Staff Mobility opportunity, your application has already been created for you. Please do not create a new travel registration. Instead, log in to SaGE portal using your myCentennial credentials, click on Applicant Home page and then click on the relevant application to submit the required documentation.

Registering your trip is easy!

The Centennial College Travel Registry system is fully integrated with the Centennial College Information system, allowing users to sign in with their Centennial College employee ID and myCentennial password. 

In order to register, you will need the following information:
  • Passport information
  • Travel dates and location(s)
  • Your contact information abroad
  • Local emergency contact information 
  • Emergency contact in home country
Once you've submitted your first travel registration, you will be able to log in at anytime to edit your profile, modify your trip or add another one.