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Application Procedure

1. Nomination Deadline
Partners must first nominate students to us by emailing with the following information for the student(s):
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Program at home institution
  • Email address
We will then contact the students and provide them with instructions for applying online.

2. Application Deadline
Students must then submit complete applications online. All application and supporting documents must be uploaded to our online system called the SaGE Portal (

As part of the application, students will be asked to upload:
  • Official Transcript
  • Copy of Passport
  • Proof of English proficiency test
  • List of courses requesting to be taken at Centennial
3. Application Review
After the application deadline, we will review all applications, ensure students have met the English requirements, and will get permission from the Program Chair and Coordinator to check if you have the required prior knowledge, if needed.

4. Decisions
If all requirements are met, we will issue a Letter of Acceptance and upload it to the online SaGE portal. At this point, we will send students an email with more information for how to prepare for their arrival.

5. Preparation
In the weeks prior to arrival, students will need to make accommodation arrangements and pay for their mandatory insurance fee, among other things. A few weeks before the semester begins, we will register student in the appropriate courses and will inform you of any changes that are required.