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Welcome to the Global Experience Portal
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WHAT is a Global Learning Experience?

Global Experiences are experiential learning programs and enrichment opportunities that connect students and staff to global perspectives, people, places and spaces. Centennial College offers many types of global learning opportunities to fit your academic, professional and personal interests. Each opportunity is unique: they vary in duration, destination, academic program and overall experience. While outbound travel is a common element, we also offer virtual options and host inbound visitors or groups to help globalize classrooms across campus. There is something for everyone! Check out the "All Programs" link on the left hand menu to see all of our currently open programs or peruse the site map to learn more about what we offer to our Centennial College community. 


Featured Outbound Programs

Faculty Led International Programs (FLIPS)
Applied Research Abroad Programs
Conference & Competitions
Short International Programs
Semester Exchange - Outgoing
International Internships
Virtual Global Experiences
Experiences from Indigenous Perspectives and Ways of Knowing
Faculty Mobility Opportunities

I'm a STUDENT - What’s in it for me?

  • Access to a new network of global professional contacts
  • Learn a new language or experience a new culture
  • Develop cultural awareness and build global connections  
  • Gain international experience and make your resume stand out
  • Develop transferrable intercultural skills such cross-cultural communication, leadership and problem-solving skills that employers look for in graduates
  • Access to up to 80% funding that allows you to travel while studying
  • Access to reduced rate comprehensive Travel and Emergency Action plan assistance with Insurance.
  • The promise of college supported experiences with enhanced pre-departure, on-program and post-return programming and assistance for optimal learning and consideration for travel safety and security. 

I'm a FACULTY/STAFF - What’s in it for me?

  • Access to a vast network of global institutional partners for building faculty or student mobility programs, collaborative research projects or globalizing your curriculum using High Impact Teaching methods like COIL - Virtual Exchanges
  • Increased ability to develop a global professional network and establish yourself and your program internationally via conferences, competitions and applied research abroad programs 
  • Provide your students with global experiential learning opportunities that provide hands on learning within your subject area via Faculty Led International Programs, Applied Research Abroad Programs, Semester Exchanges abroad and International Internship opportunities
  • Access resources, specialized training and support for developing new or recurring global experiences  
  • Assistance in applying for grants, scholarships and awards such as the Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program
  • Foster transferrable global skill development such cross-cultural communication, leadership and problem-solving skills in your coursework 
  • Access to fully funded special faculty mobility programs offered through our partner institutions. 
  • Revive outdated course work and methods with an exciting and desirable global opportunity
  • Enjoy institutional recognition, additional opportunities for program visibility and other promotional benefits for your courses, programs and schools.  

I'm an INSTITUTIONAL PARTNER - What’s in it for me?

Centennial College has Memorandum's of Understanding and activity agreements with over 250 institutions worldwide! Depending on your agreement with us we can collaborate on reciprocal exchanges, send our students to you for your short international programs, develop collaborative virtual exchanges or research projects, host faculty led or short incoming programs and so much more! Some of our partner institutions are eligible for additional funding to develop partnership agreements (FMPBP), or to support exchange students (ELAP, SEED, UMAP), or support short term visits. For International Coordinators looking connect with us to develop activities, visit centennial or (re)establish your MOUs please contact to begin the process. For International Coordinators wishing to nominate an exchange student or for students from partner institutions applying to "Study at Centennial" for a semester exchange please visit the relevant page below. 

Featured Inbound Programs

Semester Exchange - Incoming - Study at Centennial
Inbound - Short Domestic Programs
COIL- Virtual Exchanges

Contact us

For more information, visit the Global Experience team at Progress Campus, Room C2-09 or email us at