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Virtual Global Experience Programs

Centennial College is interested in providing as many opportunities for students as possible . We recognize that not everyone is able to travel yet everyone benefits from obtaining the global perspectives that an immersive program can provide. Virtual global experiences are a response to this need for flexibility. 

You may encounter a virtual exchange program or Collaborative Online International Program (COIL - VE) embedded in one of your courses. These are experiences that can be between 1-7 weeks in length where you may interact with students from one of our partner institutions and work together to fulfill an academic component. Faculty will have developed this program as part of your academic program and your entire class will be involved. 

These are opportunities to learn about a subject from within an international context. It is an opportunity to share your insights and understandings about the Canadian context and as well as your unique background and positionality on the subject with others around the world. You get an opportunity to network, build connections and consider the global systems that connect around your subject area. 

Virtual Global Internships
Virtual Global Internships are ways that students who have a COOP, work placement or Work Integrated Learning requirement as part of their requirement can gain international experience while fulfilling this academic requirement. We have had recently offered global virtual internships with agencies in Costa Rica programs which are an example of how this can work.

Some examples of projects with the Costa Rica Global Learning Virtual Program include:

Education – Work the creation of e-learning programs and diversifying online programs
Tourism – Work with tour guide companies and hotels on marketing strategies, videos, communications, and streamlining the reservation process
Health - Work with a mobile health clinic program, creating databases and e-resources for health
Community Development – Research, design, and implement plans to support the growth of small businesses and propel entrepreneurship opportunities

Global Learning Programs has partnerships with several nonprofit organizations in Costa Rica that are in need of interns to help them with various projects, including but not limited to:

Research and program development 
Social media campaigns

Often Clinical placements  - like those in Nursing programs - are not often offered virtually. 

For more info or to apply
If you are a STUDENT interested in taking part in a COIL - VE speak with your professors and see if there are any opportunities and look at the courses in your programs.  If you are interested in a Virtual Internship program please send us an email at to ask if there are any current or upcoming options that are available for your program of study. 

If your are a FACULTY interested in embedding a COIL - VE in your program please visit our COIL - VE for Faculty section here