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Employee Travel Registration

Employee Travel Registry

The Employee Travel Registry is Centennial College’s secure database that monitors travel for all employees undertaking college-related activities for both domestic or international trips.

College-sanctioned travel includes any travel that is conducted by college faculty or staff or travel that is funded by the College (i.e. conferences, recruitment, professional development etc.)
All staff and faculty have access and can login with their myCentennial credentials. The Employee Travel Registry is a mandatory requirement for all Centennial College employees participating in college-sanctioned travel and must be submitted prior to departure.

Before Getting Started:

  1. Pre-Approval Report in Chrome River: Before logging into the Employee Travel Registry, you must first complete a pre-approval report in Chrome River.
  2. Request Travel Insurance: Ensure sure you have requested this from your manager/department. All Centennial College employees require a COVID 19 rider.

Additional Planning Considerations:  

  1. Visas & Immunizations: Research visa requirements well in advance of your travel. Employees are solely responsible for researching immunization and entry requirements and submitting a visa application with the relevant consulate/application centre..
  2. Book Your Travel: The College uses Corporate Traveler for all College-related travel. If your travel has been approved, connect with them to book your flights and hotels. Direct contact information for Corporate Traveler is provided to you once you login to the Employee Travel Registry.
  3. Logistics: If you require an international phone/data plan please request this from your manager/department. Contact Finance directly if you require a cash advance or need to adjust spending limits on your College Credit Card.

Register Your Trip

Before logging in you will need a copy of your passport, flight and accommodation details for your trip, and contact information for your emergency contact.

Looking to Register for Someone Else?

You will be asked to login using your myCentennial credentials, and then prompted to enter the Employee ID of the person whose trip you are registering.

Need Help?

You can watch Employee Travel Registry Walkthrough video and we will guide you step-by-step through the process.
If you have already registered but you need to make changes to your trip you can watch How to edit your Employee Travel Registry video.

For additional support, please contact Jocelyn Babudri directly at