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International Internship Program

Through Centennial’s International Internship Program, students are placed in workplaces directly related to their field of study for 2-4 months. Students can earn placement or co-op credit for their program upon successful completion of their international internship.

While internships are unpaid, students are eligible for a bursary to offset travel and accommodation expenses while abroad.

Internship 2
We recently advertised placements in Costa Rica for the Winter Semester with Costa Rica Global Learning Programs to provide students with in-person internships with local companies and nonprofit organizations in the fields of Community Development / Social Services, Health, and Education (K-11), and Environmental Conservation. 

If you are a STUDENT and you are looking for an International Placement, we are able to match you with partner organizations around the world. Here are a few of our previous placements for students: 

International Internship - Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) in  Accra Ghana
International Internship - Learning for Hope - Cusco, Peru 
International Internship - Museum & Cultural Heritage Management in Scotland
International Internship - Scotiabank's Digital Factory, Mexico City, Mexico
International Internship - UNESCO, Paris
International Internship - Zimbabwe UN Association - Harare, Zimbabwe

We also like to receive information about new partners who will be willing hosts for our students - send any you may know of along to