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Program Proposal and Approval Process

Program Proposal/Approval Process

  1. Pitch your idea to your Chair and get Chair Approval
  2. Send your Chair Approval to the Global Experience Advisors and we will send you the link to the Global Experiences at Centennial - Program Application Form 
  3. Complete the form by the deadlines given.
  4. The Global Experiences Team will evaluate the Program and send notice on its approval status.
  5. Faculty Leads will be notified, a Global Advisor will be assigned as lead to support the development of the program and the timeline for program development, advertising, participant selection, pre-departure training, itinerary development and assessment and evaluation will be drafted. 

What Considerations are included in the Proposal?

Before you fill out the form you will need to know the following about your program aims and ambitions: 
  • Timing - Tentative dates, Semester, Duration of program, amount of pre-departure preparation for participants. 
  • Destination/Location (regions with difficult visa administration and a poor travel safety warning must be heavily considered)
  • Type of Program - FLIP, ARAP, COIL, INTERNSHIPS etc. 
  • Potential Co-Leads
  • Partners and Providers - Any Partnering institutions or Service Providers you would like to use.
  • Sustainability - 1- 3 year vision for the program 
  • Academic Learning Objectives and Deliverables
  • Budget for Per Person costing: Flights, Hotel, Meals, Transport etc. We can provide you with a template for this. 
  • Risk and Safety Considerations - For participants and regarding the region, activities, focus of program. 
  • Selection Criteria for Participants - Who should participate, what academic, team based and personal qualities should they have

We will gain a PDF copy of your proposal and it will be signed off on when reviewed again by Chairs and GE Team. 

If you would like to consult with us first before you make your pitch to the chairs or at any point in the proposal process we are always happy to be of assistance!