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Outbound Exchange Advertising and Eligibility

As each Outbound Exchange Program becomes available Global Experiences will announce the opportunity to the relevant academic areas and we will post the details on CC this Week and via the Student Experience Teams announcements. Your faculty will also email students and post the announcement to their eCentennial Courses. You will be sent a link to the Program Application homepage on this site which will give you: 
  • More information on the opportunity, the partner, the eligibility requirements and application guidelines. 
You will then need to apply by the deadline to be considered. Usually deadlines are 3-6 months ahead of the semester for the exchange. 

General Eligibility

Applicants are responsible for ensuring they meet the following requirements for participation: 

Must have no outstanding fees on student accounts or behavioural contracts on file with Centennial’s Student Experience Office, or Safety and Security Office
Must attend all pre-departure, in-country and post-return sessions and activities

Academic Requirements
Must be a full-time Centennial student enrolled in eligible programs for the Outbound Exchange Offered
Must maintain a solid academic performance with minimum GPA of 3.0
Must NOT be graduating before April 

Visas & Immigration Requirements
Students will require a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the end date of this program
Depending on citizenship, a visa or study permit may be required to participate
Students must able to obtain the necessary travel documentation required for this program

Medical Requirements
Must be fit and deemed healthy enough to travel by a doctor
Must visit a doctor to discuss vaccinations and ensure immunizations are current and up to date
Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 

Language Requirements
Knowledge of the relevant regional language (e.g. German, Spanish, French, Korean) would be helpful, but is not required. 

There can often also be additional academic eligibility criteria as well. Each application cycle will be different and unique to its program. Please read through the program brochure fully before you apply.