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Outbound Exchange - Cost and Financial Aid

Costs of the Program

Here are all the usual budget items associated with this Global Experience program:

Return flights
Airport transportation to your accommodations in destination country
Accommodations (either student residence, apartment, or other)
Daily Meals
Daily transportation in host country (typically by public transit)
Textbooks & any other equipment required for classes
Visa and immigration-related costs (including but not limited to destination visas, departure or entry taxes, additional documents)
Medical Assessments and notes for travel - Pre-Departure
*Insurance ($2.00/ day with
*Tutition Fees (waived for partner institutions)
Optional Program Fees 
Activity or Sightseeing Costs

** Depending on your location the costing for this can be higher or lower. In the program application we will try to determine what the average cost of living per location is to give you the most accurate approximate budget but you will need to also do this research to determine if you can afford to participate. 

Financial Award: Bursary Payment

All selected participants will receive a bursary to cover 70-80% of the above costs (excluding your  Centennial College tuition fees, which are already waived) associated with the program. This typically ranges from $4000-$4500.

In addition, Centennial College will purchase emergency health insurance via for the duration of the program.

Your Expenses – what you need to budget for

You are responsible for all costs associated with participation not covered by the bursary.

We advise students budget approximately $500-1000 per month for meals, daily transportation, school related expenses like textbooks and personal expenses. This typically ranges from $2000-$4500 for the entire program**.

What is not covered by the bursary

Regular Centennial tuition fees (paid to Centennial College for your semester abroad) Exchange students do not pay tuition fees to the partner institution but do pay for textbooks and school supplies.
Pre-departure medical fees (to sign a mandatory Global Experience Health Form, and to obtain any required vaccinations)
Personal expenses such as personal care items, recreational travel, entertainment, and any other costs not outlined above.