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Course Selection

Exchange students are expected to choose courses at Centennial College that are aligned with their program at their home institutions. The list of courses and programs can be found here: Under each program, click on “Courses” to see a list of courses in each semester.
Some important notes: 
  • Students joining in the FALL term should look for courses listed in semester 1, 3, 5 (depending on their level of academic study)
  • Students joining in the WINTER term should look for courses listed in semester 2, 4, 6
  • It is imperative that home institutions and exchange students discuss the preferred list of courses prior to submitting it on the application.

  • All exchange students are urged to take all courses from one semester of one program as much as possible. This is a little flexible for courses in The Business School. If you wish to take courses from different programs or semesters, please inform us ahead of time so that we can advise if it is possible. Selecting different courses from different programs or semesters may result in schedule conflicts.

  • Not all semesters of all programs are offered at all times of the year. Please let us know which program and which semester you are interested in taking, so that we can check if those courses are offered. 

  • Field placement, internship or co-op terms are not available for exchange students.

Making changes to course schedule:
It is important that the exchange student and their home institution discuss the course selection carefully prior to submitting it on their application form. Although, it is possible to make some changes until the first week of classes, we aim to reduce the number of changes as much as possible.

Full Time Status:
Students are accepted as Full Time enrollees (taking 5-6 courses/program). If they drop down to part time status (taking 4 or less courses) this must be supported by their home institution and it may bear impact on the agreement status of that institution if nominated students are consistently underprepared for the exchange. 

Centennial College credits are assigned based on the number of contact hours per week. For example, if a course is offered 3 hours per week, the course is 3.0 Centennial credits. There are 14 weeks in a semester, so a 3.0 credit course is 3 x 14 = 42 total contact hours.
It is up to the sending institution to determine the credit equivalency when transferring credits back to the student’s home transcript. Generally, our European partners use the conversion rate of 1 Centennial credit = 1.5 ECTS.

Programs not available for exchange students:
- English Language Learning
- Nursing
- Paramedic
- Many programs in the School of Transportation have limited availability and also may not be available to exchange students
- Graduate level programs within The Business School