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(Estimated figures subject to change without prior notice)

Tuition: Exchange students’ tuition fees are waived under Centennial College’s agreement with the partner institution. However, exchange students are expected to pay for the mandatory health insurance policy, which costs $254.67 per semester. Health insurance details can be found HERE.

Transcripts: The transcript processing fee is $12.00 and must be made online via our internal portal system, directly to Student Records before students return home. Transcripts will not be granted until after the grading at the end of the semester has been done and so it is unlikely that students will have a hard copy printed before they depart for home. Global Experiences Team will send hard copies to your institution and email a soft copy to you. After you depart an only if you’ve make the appropriate request.

Toronto can be quite expensive to live in. We ask students to do their own research and ensure they have sufficient funds. Here is a general estimate:
Room and Board - $1500/month
Meals - $400/month (not dining out)
Transportation - $130/month (Public transit only)
Books & School Supplies – approx. $900 for a semester


Study permit: It is not necessary to obtain a Study Permit if the student is studying in Canada for less than 6 months. However, if exchange students wish to work while studying in Canada, they will need a study permit. (For more information about study permits, click HERE)

Canadian visa: Even though exchange students may not need a study permit, depending on your citizenship, you may need a visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) to enter Canada. (Find out if you need a visa, by clicking HERE)

Please note that our registration system automatically adds regular student fees to exchange student accounts. If you receive an automated email asking you to pay fees much higher than the cost of insurance, please ignore this notice. After the first month of the semester, this will be rectified.